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Local ties

Once upon a time, our forefathers noticed a need for a local same-day parcel delivery service and thought "we can do that!".  We've grown from one man and a station-wagon making local "in town" deliveries, to a staff of 17 drivers, 19 rigs and covering over 600,000 miles per year.
Locally owned and operated since 1978, our crew has strong ties to Central Washington.  You'll see our trucks tooling around town, our staff in our signature blue shirts.  But you'll see those same faces volunteering, participating in sports, supporting local businesses and strengthening the communties we serve. 
It's a simple premise: Exceeding Expectations.  We know that without our customers, without the businesses we support, we wouldn't be here.  Therefore, we welcome feedback... comments, positive or negative are appreciated.  We want to know: what are your transport needs?  if your business is growing, we want to help facilitate that growth. 
We're attempting to make communication easier for our business partners - our customers.  In addition to the traditional way of calling or faxing your requests for pick-up and delivery, we now have this handy online request form at the bottom of every page on this website, as well as through Facebook (@brettandsonwenatchee) and Twitter (@inc_brett).
Stay tuned, follow us on-line, keep in touch and above all, be safe.
Virgil Eagle, President Owner
Brett and Son, Inc. Parcel Service
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