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Parcel Service

Brett and Son Wenatchee, Wenatchee Parcel Delivery
Wenatchee Facility:
1350 Walnut Street
Wenatchee, WA 98801
Toll Free: 1-800-572-2235
Phone: (509) 662-6329
Fax: (509) 667-1061

Rural route and County Road addresses may be outside Service Area.

Additional Charges:

$2.60 per week pick-up/handling charge.

$5.50 C.O.D. charge.

$5.00 Additional charge for residential delivery.

           Residential Delivery is delivery to a home, which includes a business operated out of a home.

40 pound minimum charge for packages over 80" length and girth.


Insured packages must be pre-paid.

$0.50 per $100 declared value over $100.

$2.00 per $100 declared value over $1,000, $5,000 maximum.

Maximum Carrier Liability $5,000 per shipment.

Weight & Size Restrictions: Package weight limit 100 pounds.

Package size limit 134" length & girth.

Combined weight limit 500 pounds.

Freight collect to anyone without Brett & Son account will be handled as C.O.D.

Brett & Son Liability:

For uninsured packages is limited to $100.

Brett & Son Shall Not Be Liable For: Consequential Damages, including but not limited to loss of profits or income.


Priority Same Day: Delivered by 5:00 PM or close of Business Day or Additional Charges will be waived.  See restrictions.

Priority Same Day Restrictions:

1. Packages must be received on regular pickup route.

2. Restricted to Commercial Areas.

3. Not Available to and from all areas.

4. Questions? call us 1-800-572-2235.

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